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                                         Elena Jirnova


            This website is an intro to my athletic/academic background.

I switched from playing on a PRO tour to teaching tennis to all levels and ages.
I  worked in the best  clubs/accademies  throughout the  world from NYC to Bali .
I am currently pursuing a switch toward  being a Sports Lawyer ,but I still love to teach when available.
 I give tennis
lessons in NYC, Hamptons,  lessons in Kiev, Ukraine,  also  traveling  around the world for lessons upon  request .

If you are interested in a tennis lesson for you or for your child, send me a note, and we will make it happen.

I am also open for teaching opportunities at the clubs, academies, resorts, etc. Do not hesitate to send me a proposal.

 Currently  im  looking for  investor  to start web -based  tennis oriented  project . This investor/partner could be you, please contact me  for more info

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