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Elena Jirnova

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skype: jirnova81

Welcome to all tennis lovers in Kiev!!!.

My name is Elena and I am a former Tennis Pro., also a Champion of Ukraine and a Master of Sport . I also hold a PTR Certification as a PRO Level Tennis Coach.

I offer private and group tennis lessons for all levels in Kiev (Lessons can be conducted either on English or Russian languages)

I currently teach at :

«Courts on Podol» - metro station «Tarasa Schevchenko» - Mezhigotskaya st. 56/63а

«Courts on Obolon» - metro station «Obolon» - Layosha Gavro st - 4-Г

My rates are as follows (don't include cost of the court):
1 person 50$/hour + 15$/hour cost of the court
2 people 80$/hour + 15$/hour cost of the court
3-4 people 120$/hour + 15$/hour cost of the court

Lessons for kids are also available

If you are interested in getting high quality tennis lessons or and learn a game from a scratch or improve the skills you already possess, and have fun on the court at the same time, feel free to contact me directly or place your inquiry through this site.

Type of lessons are :

1.Intro to  serve, forehand, backhand, volleys, serve ( 1 class per stroke or  fast overview of  all strokes together)
2. Stroke analysis and evaluation,an objective assessment
3. Weakness identification and improvement; a "fundamentals" approach
4. Points playing
5. Advanced hitting practice
6. Competitive conditioning,physical development and exercise drills
7. Strategic development; the psychological side of tennis. Cardio workout
9. For group lessons ( drills, points playing )
10. Weight loss while playing tennis
11. Fitness/Personal Training advice , work out plans writing
12.- Early development programs for children and juniors
13. Special development programs for the "uncoordinated athlete"