Lessons in NYC/NJ


Welcome to all tennis lovers in NYC and NJ !!!.
My name is Elena and I am a former Tennis Pro.

I offer private and group tennis lessons for all levels in Manhattan , New Jersey and  Hamptons .

Rates are as follows :

1 person 120$/hour and up (depends on location,time) *
2 people 180$/hour *
Group lessons 3 people minimum   80$/hour per person *

1 hour  of Just hitting  - 80$*

* court cost is not included time 

Lessons for  kids are also available
5 sessions -  200$/per kid  3 kids minimum

Special rates are available if reserved for entire months/summer with in house stay )

Package deals :

3 private  lessons-  340$
5 private lessons – 560$
10 private lessons – 1100$
Beginners 5 lessons  deal  -  500$

In beginners  package  you will be  introduces  to  basics of  forehanf, backhand,  volleys and serve  , to jump start your tennis game . I’ll also introduce you to  rules, scoring, and  basic strategies . It is a great way to  start .
Check my traveling calendar to see when I’m  available  calendar  or place reservation here
If  you  are interested  in  getting  high quality  tennis  lessons, and  have  fun  on the  court  at  the  same time, feel  free to  contact me  directly  or  place  your inquiries through this site .

Type of lessons are :

1.Intro to  serve, forehand, backhand, volleys, serve ( 1 class per stroke or  fast overview of  all strokes together)
2. Stroke analysis and evaluation, an objective assessment
3. Weakness identification and improvement; a "fundamentals" approach
4. Points playing
5. Advanced hitting practice
6. Competitive conditioning, physical development and exercise drills
7. Strategic development; the psychological side of tennis.
8. Cardio workout 9. For group lessons ( drills, points playing )
10. Weight loss while playing tennis
11. Fitness/Personal Training advice , work out plans writing
12.- Early development programs for children and juniors
13. Special development programs for the "uncoordinated athlete"

Hope to see you soon  on the court !