Sports Law Services

What is Sports Law  ?
The laws, regulations, and judicial decisions that govern sports and athletes.

What Sport Lawyer does ?

 A “sports lawyer,”  is the one who represents a wide variety of clients who need legal advice and representation that usually requires knowledge of several areas of law, but mainly in the contexts of the sport ( Athletes, International Federations, Agents, Coaches, Referees etc.)

Areas that Sports Law covers :

-  Labor ( Employment contract drafting, reviewing , negotiating);
-  Contracts ( Endorsements and  sponsorship  deals etc );
-  Anti-doping violations;
-  Match- fixing violations;
-  Representation in front of the CAS, BAT, DRC etc .
-  A legal opinion on any subject matter related to a sporting body:
-  Antitrust;
-  Discrimination ;
-  Tort;

Credentials :

Elena has received her Masters in Law , an L.L.M in International Comparative Sports Law from St. Johns University & ISDE. She also  has  a Law Degree from Ukrainian University .
MSA ( Masters  in Sports Management) .

Elena was a legal Intern in such prestigious  Sports Law firms like :

- Bichara e Motta Advogados , Sao Paulo, Brazil ;

- Libra Law, Lausanne , Switzerland ;

 Elena bring to the table her inside knowledge as a former professional athlete ,
 compiled with a professional  Sports Law degree . This combination is quiet rare nowadays and makes Elena unique in this way .

Elena will be happy to advise and assist you in any matter you may have relating your Sports Law needs.

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